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Welcome to Pretty Feet and Legs, where ladies creatively display the beauty of their pretty feet and legs, barefoot, and in heels, boots, flip flops, flats, clogs, moccasins, tennis shoes, nylons, jeans, skirts, bikinis, shorts, pants, lingerie, catsuits, costumes and more.


This is NOT a pornographic site and there is no full frontal nudity or exposure of private parts. All Models are 18+ at time of photography.

I am an amateur photographer and female feet and legs enthusiast. I have been taking pictures of pretty feet and legs for many years. It wasn't until recently that I began taking photos with the intention of opening a website, but I thought it would be a shame not to share many of my earlier pictures.

* When I first began taking photos I was using a 1.6 megapixel camera. As cameras and technology improved, I stepped up to a 6.0 megapixel camera and then a 7.2 megapixel camera. As a result, all of the images are not of the same quality. Also many of the closeups are blown up from sections of full body photos and some image quality is lost there as well.

I created this site simply to share my pictures with others who enjoy my passion and enthusiasm for pretty feet and legs. To get the best value of the site I created a members section so that all of the pictures could be viewed for one price, given that all of the images are not of the same quality. And for those who are not so concerned with image quality, there are tokens galleries which allow for viewing a specific gallery of pretty feet and legs.

Due to my involvement in other matters, I currently have no time or intention to update this site regularly or at all. I will still take suggestions, and requests should the possiblity to update present itself, but please understand that it will be very unlikely.

I do hope you enjoy the photos and will tell others to drop by and see for themselves.


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